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I do a lot of 2D concept art and mostly of fantastical landscapes or other scenes as I am sure you have seen in my gallery. I’ve always had a love for fantasy places and worlds beyond the real world where you can get lost in a fantastical story and disconnect the demands of the real-world you live in. One of areas where my art is very suitable, is in animations. My speciality is creating backgrounds and scenes, and my art has that painterly look that suits a lot of different types of animations such as Manga-inspired themes.

I draw inspiration from several skilled professionals that does art for animations. Disney and Ghibli studios are two of those creative names that inspire me a lot. Their use of colour palettes and themes for their stunning backgrounds and sceneries is amazing, their work evoke such emotions from the audience and I try to learn as much as I can from them on how to do those kind of scenes.

Some years ago I connected with Tiffany Lei from Kage Productions to do some backgrounds for one of her animation-projects she was working on at the time. Kage Productions specializes in animations, graphic novels and comics. Our collaborations lead to a long term work-relationship where I’ve done several backgrounds for many more trailers and projects over the years, including several background-art pieces for the “Shadow Magic” trailer.

Shadow magic is one of Kage productions finest works, based on Tiffas own novel Shadow Magic that appeared on Canadian TV back in year 2000. Set in the current day it is about a bunch of young people, the choices they make and how it impacts everyone (including themselves) around them. Then add monsters, magic, a bit of sci-fi and lots of fantasy and you’ve got a seriously addictive story that you can’t wait to dig deeper into.

Currently the Shadow Magic projects next step is to develop a 45 minute long pilot episode for TV, hopefully with the help of a kickstarter campaign to help cover the immense costs that high quality 2D animations require. In fact, the Kickstarter campaign of the project was launched 13th of August and with the help from fans all over the world, we all hope that the making of this pilot episode will come true.

Shadow magic Kickstarter campaign

Here are a selection of artworks I’ve done for Kage Productions, and with a successful funding of the Kickstarter project there could be many more:

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