Background art for games

Landscapes of my mind.

One of my biggest passions within the art I do is creating background environments for games. Ever since I fell in love with the game Myst so many years ago I have dreamt of creating my own beautiful worlds full of mystery and fantasy elements. This dream of one day being able to do backgrounds and art for games has finally come through and these days I feel I have come so far to actually seeing my art in games that are out there on the market.

Even though I specialize in natural environments, I very much enjoy painting all kinds of different themes such as space, urbanizations and interiors as well.

My absolute favourite subject to paint is trees and forests, and especially oak trees. These majestic, ancient trees that rise like kings of the landscape fascinates me. There is nothing so relaxing and comforting as sitting under a huge oak tree listening to the gentle wind rattling its leaves on a warm summers day. I love depicting the trees as big as possible, and I love adding magical elements such as little windows or hidden things in the trees that I paint. I guess you could say that my landscape paintings are a fusion of fantasy, fairy tale and the real world and I hope that everyone that enjoys my art feels that each and every one of these worlds is a little window to a place where the viewer can enter and get lost in.

Here are some of my environment artworks, please click the thumbs to see them at a bigger size.

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