Book and CD cover art commissions

Custom made cover art

A major area where my kind of art suits perfectly is for book and CD covers for artists and authors alike.

My art has a style that suits every type of book from children’s books, teen books, factual books into full fledged romantic novels and any kind of book within the fantasy and Sci-fi genre especially. If you look in my gallery to see the wide variety of themes that I do, you can see that my art can suit most subjects and I can angle any artwork into a certain mood such as dark, mysterious, joyful, childish, scary, romantic etc.

I have created various artworks that are published as book covers mostly in the Fantasy and Sci-fi genre. I have also made CD covers for a range of different kind of musicians since my art can be made to suit almost every type of musical genre without problems.

Cover artworks of any kind are very rewarding to do mainly because you feel that proud feeling of accomplishment over the fact that particular artist or writer chose YOU to make the visual wrapper for their hard work. It is the ultimate collaboration between artists, authors and musicians where everyone compliments each other wonderfully. Seeing your art in print on book shelves, CD shelves, both online and in retail shops, is incredibly fulfilling as an artist.

If you are a author or a musician and are looking for a custom made artwork for your book or CD cover, then please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss things further with you.

Here is a selection of book and CD covers that I have done:

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