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Ever since I went down the path of becoming a digital artist I started collecting photos from everyday life and travels to be able to use these photos in my art projects. As the years have gone by, my long time partner and I have gathered a stock library of more than 60 000 photos and still counting.

CA-StockI know full well how expensive it can get to try and buy stock images from the big stock sites and most of the time I’ve ended up using what I can find from other generous artists and photographers that share some of their images for free on various art-sites instead. But sometimes you just need that one image you can’t find anywhere except from some expensive site where you need to sign up for a monthly subscription or do some other kind of huge payment to be able to access it. For a lot of art students, hobby artists and even professional artists that is a huge expense that they cannot afford.

So my partner and I have decided to put up around 35 000 of our photos on our own stock site which is dedicated for artists and students or anyone that needs very affordable stock images for using in artworks, designs and other art projects. The whole purpose of our stock site is that you do not need to have a subscription to buy any image, they are all charged a measly $1 flat fee per image and you buy as you go. The reason we have to charge a small amount per image is that it has taken a lot of work to get this site running, and every month it costs us money to run it. To be able to afford sharing our own personal stock library with all of you we have to charge something to cover that cost.

Please head over to our stock site and have a look around. Perhaps you’ll find some images you need for your next project, or perhaps you’ll find some photos that will inspire you to create your next masterpiece!

Some examples of what we offer:

CA-Stock Sunset CA-Stock Iceberg CA-Stock Texture Blue CA-Stock Forest

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