Christmas Cards

I can’t believe that Christmas is only a month away! Wow, how time flies. For the first time I am selling Christmas Cards of my artwork “Penguin Dreams” and I am thrilled to see if this is anything that could prove popular. I decided to do an alternate version of the winter themed artwork “Penguin Dreams” that I uploaded earlier this year. (And may I say that this particular original artwork would make an excellent Christmas present as well! Go have a look at my artwork prints that are available for sale here: FineArtAmerica ) The theme of a little penguin standing on an ice sheet in Antarctica looking up at the starry sky felt very appropriate for the season and I’m hoping the unique artwork will appeal to people who are sending cards to their loved ones this holiday.

I’ve done 4 different colour versions of it to suit everybody’s taste; a blue, turquoise, purple and black/white version.

Why not go and check them out, perhaps this is just the kind of card you are after? Just click the Card image below to browse my shop.

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