Dawn Spirit Timelapse Video

Many people asks me how my painting process works and I often get asked how long an artwork takes me to create.

Since I do different types of artworks they will all have their own unique answer to these questions, but roughly speaking my Photo manipulation artworks takes the longest time, clocking anything from 6 hours up to 30 hours. Concept paintings takes about 4-12 hours and speed paintings takes anything from 2-6 hours. It all depends how complex they are and how much time I allow myself to spend on refining and add details.

When doing artworks commercially for a company or a client I do not have unlimited time to refine an artwork, since I will be bound by a certain budget and time-frame for my work. Basically the faster I work, the less the artwork will end up costing the customer but it will also be less detailed and refined.

When it comes to personal work I can (if I feel motivated) work on and off on an artwork for weeks, spending an unaccounted for amount of time. The part where an artist has the time and the peace and creativity to create art without dead-lines or restrictions is what nurtures my artist-soul.

I have with help from my partner compiled a timelapse video of my artwork “Dawn Spirit” so that you who are interested can see how I work and build up a typical speed/concept painting. This painting took a total of 5 hours to do and I worked on it on and off between work assignments for about a week.


You can find this artwork and many more in my gallery in the Concept Art section.

The making of Dawn Spirit Timelapse

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