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I was recently published in Digital Art Live magazine, a computer graphics magazine dedicated to showcasing digital artists and the work they do for various different fields, giving an in depth interview about me and my art. I was contacted by the assistant editor asking if I would be interested in doing an interview for a special Myst-themed issue they had planned where they wanted to show some different artists that has very Myst themed art along the main graphics artist Chuck Carter from the original Myst game by Cyan Incorporated.

Myst has been one my top favourite games of all time, and it is indeed THE game that got me into computer gaming and fantasy landscape dreams very early on in my career. I’ve always been that slightly geeky puzzle-girl and I don’t respond well to conflict and violence, so a computer game that was all about exploration, beautiful worlds, puzzle solving,relaxing and natural sounds and music and a intriguing story was a dream come true for me. Throughout the years I have always been seeking out immersive games based on those criteria and so much of this genre influence my art too. Everything I draw or create always starts with a small flicker of a visual image of something I have seen or experienced and then it develops into an idea that then turns into an artwork. Myst has a huge influence on many of my fantasy landscapes. If you are familiar with the Myst saga and all the different games in that series, I’m sure you can see some parallels to many of my concept artworks.

To have a read through my interview, you can read it at issuu. You can also sign up for a subscription of the magazine itself directly from www.digitalartlive and receive the monthly issue as a downloadable pdf-file to enjoy in full glory via this page. The cover artwork of the issue is my artwork “Mirror Lakes”. Below are most of the images published in the magazine:

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