The forgotten

This is the sleeping beauty, with the twist that it is a prince and not a princess, left frozen in slumber and eventually forgotten among the ruins of his once so magnificent castle. Because if no one believes in the fairy tales of his destiny,



This artwork was made having freedom and hope as inspiration. With the light colours, the open water and the wind in her hair she steps forward pure and powerful. Model is Eva Langwagen.


The Journal

A small fairy and bumble bee are checking out the old journal on a desk somewhere in a lost cottage in a deep forest. Model is Gretchen Byers and feathers used are from Lauren Kelly Small. .


Elements – Fire

This is my take on the element Fire, picturing the power, danger and beauty of volcanos. She reminds me of the fire goddess Pele, and I used photographs taken of the lava flows of Mt Kilauea in Hawaii for this artwork. Model is Eva Langwagen.


Beautiful autumn when the mushrooms have started to grow, the colours of the forest turns red and the pondering of a maiden and her pet dragon makes for the perfect scene. Model is Ida Mary Walker and ferns are used from Lauren Kelly Smart