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Now I’ve got the web site all up and running and it’s bedded in, I need more traffic.

I’ve done the usual things like Google Web Master tools, Author tags, SiteMaps, Forum posts and such.

A few days ago I came across another method though to increase traffic.

Blog directory and aggregation sites, and the king of them seems to be Alltop.

I found the category that best suited me, Art on Alltop, and submitted my site, making sure that my ‘feed’ url was functioning correctly and had the correct titles, descriptions and links.

Surprisingly, they authorized me within minutes, and I was up on their site, and I then saw their robot scanning all my posts, and then all my posts were there, and within the hour one of my topics was listed in the ‘Most popular’ section.

Not bad I though, and it was very easy to achieve.

Alltop scan my RSS feed every hour and pick up new blogs and news from my site, and I seem to get quite a few daily hits already.

So that was a great success.

If you have a blog/news site then I would recommend signing up with Alltop and giving it a go as it certainly helped to add some traffic my way.

Alltop, all the top stories

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