Stock Rules

My stock here on Cassiopeia Art is for the purpose of being a resource for artists needing references and stock photos for designs and manipulations of all kinds. They are not to be used ‘as is’ and unaltered.

  • Almost all of my stock is unrestricted. Unrestricted stock means that as long as you use it in your designs, tutorials and art, you can use that art or design you made in any commercial or non-commercial plan. This does not include my Art, only things labeled ‘Stock’.
  • I have one clause that concerns my premade backgrounds. This stock can not be used to make other stock.
  • Always credit me where possible with either my full name ‘Cathrine Langwagen’ or ‘Cassiopeia Art’. I understand that when you go commercial or start posting portfolios and such on other sites it is not always possible, but if you can, please do.
  • You can use my stock as part of tutorials. This means that you are allowed to give links for direct download of my stock in the tutorial-set or include my stock as part of the download package of the tutorial. In other words, you may redistribute my stock as stock in tutorials as long as you credit me so people can see where the stock came from and what rules apply to it.
  • Other than the tutorial exception,you MAY NOT redistribute my stock as is, you have to make noticeable changes to it first, to make it your artwork. Once it is your work, you can do what you want with it. If you are not sure, contact me first and ask. I check my emails/messages daily, so if you mention “response needed quickly” or something similar in the title, i will get to your question within a few days at most.

Have fun, enjoy the free stock and make fab art.

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