Wizards and Witches

Fantasy characters

I’m drawn to all the different creatures and characters of the Fantasy world and they each hold a special place in my heart when I create my many artworks. I’ve been in love with myths and fairy tales my whole life and the many magical creatures I’ve put into my artworks over the years are endless. But up until now there is one major character that I had not yet painted and it is the Wizard.

Throughout most major Fantasy stories both written and in films there is always a Witch or Wizard playing an important role and I have done Witches in my art but no Wizards. I do confess I draw more females than males overall but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy painting male characters as well. Who doesn’t know of Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White in the LOTR- saga? And who hasn’t heard of Merlin, Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz? And looking at all the role playing games on the market and the countless Wizards in those games along the countless Witches it has been a very long time coming for me to finally get a Wizard of my own creation into my gallery.

And here he is, the Wizard of Spells in my latest artwork “Spellbound”. To truly appreciate all the details that has gone into this artwork that has been in the making for the last couple of years and using more than 70 stock images to build up, please make sure to go to the print shop to see more details up close.

Enjoy a magical Yule or Christmas with this Santa-look alike Wizard of spells.

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