About me – Cathrine Langwagen

Born and raised in beautiful Sweden I spent most of my days outdoors playing in the garden, exploring the forest, bathing in lakes, cycling down to the coast or helping out in the nearby stables. I guess it was inevitable that my connection to nature would influence most of my career later on in life! I have always had a wild imagination soaking up fairy tales and stories about goblins, fairies, gnomes and fantasizing how ancient mythological beings hid among the trees in the deep forest. I would see little bits of magic in everyday things, hidden elements that you could see if you just observed everything carefully and let your fantasy wander.

I am fascinated with everything delicate and beautiful; I love fantastical things, mystery and mythology and I’ve always been very curious about the universe, geology, biology and nature in general. I express all this in my art, creating mostly realistic visuals with a touch of magical undertones.

I work mainly with digital media which I’m self-taught in to create my artworks, but I also enjoy the occasional traditional way of sketching and painting. Outside fantasy artworks I am also a game artist and designer and have co-founded “RoKabium Games” which released our first game title “Something Ate My Alien” in June 2020. I am a highly creative person and I love trying out new things both digitally and traditionally such as 3D modelling, game design, clay modelling, paper craft, crocheting, jewellery design, photography etc.

  • 2020, June – Entire graphics for the game “Something Ate My Alien” by “RoKabium Games”
  • 2017, January – Front cover design and interior in depth interview for “Digital Art Live magazine”
  • 2016, August – Front cover design for “CBRNe” magazine.
  • 2014, August – Fanart “Stargazing at the world root” published in Daniel Lieskes “Wormworld Saga Vol 1”
  • 2013, August – Front cover of “Elements – Fire” for “Canonfire! Chronicles” digital magazine
  • 2012, January – Interview article for Der Bildbearbeiter magazine (former Advanced Photoshop, Germany Edition)
  • 2011, October – “Elements – Fire” was featured in the Artbook “Machines and Magic” by Craig Musselman
  • 2011, September – Advanced Photoshop magazine issue 87 featured “The Journal”
  • 2011, January – Interview article for the digital magazine “Innovated design”
  • 2010, October – Freedom” was featured in Advanced Photoshop – The Premium Collection Vol.5
  • 2010, September – “Freedom” was featured in Advanced Photoshop issue 73
  • 2023, August – Daily Deviation award for “Zodiac – Capricorn” at deviantART
  • 2021, January – Daily Deviation award for “Zodiac – Pisces” at deviantART
  • 2015, December – Daily Deviation award for “Raven” at deviantART
  • 2014, August – Daily Deviation award for “The Golden Room” at deviantART
  • 2013, October – Daily Deviation award for “Art Nouveau Tutorial” at deviantART
  • 2013, April – Image of the Day award for “The Journal” at ImagineFX
  • 2012, January – Second place in the Fotolia/devianART Seven Sins contest with “Lust”
  • 2011, July – Daily Deviation award for “Eder Terehn” at deviantART
  • 2011, July – Editor’s choice award for “Elements – Wind” at Advanced Photoshop
  • 2011, May – Editor’s choice award for “Stone castle archipelago” at Advanced Photoshop
  • 2010, November – Daily Deviation award for “Elements – Fire” at deviantART
  • 2009, September – Daily Deviation award for “The Forgotten” at deviantART
  • 2008, August – Daily Deviation award for “Moon Shield” at deviantART