About me

Katrine LangwagenMy name is Cathrine (Katrine) Langwagen and I am a Swedish fantasy artist who specializes in concept art for games and I also do photo manipulations. I’ve always had a wild imagination and a very visual mind and I express that side in creative outlets such as art and hand crafted items. Growing up in a small village near forests, the ocean and the country side have left most of my art heavily influenced by nature infused with magical under tones. Once I discovered a digital art magazine in 2005 and I saw what you could do working in art programs such as Photoshop and Painter, I was hooked. From that moment I knew that I had found the perfect media for my creativity and I knew what I wanted to work with full time.

I never grow tired of the beauty of our planet Earth, and travelling to see other parts of the globe has always felt natural to me. In 2012-13 me and my long-time partner decided to do the ultimate adventure and back pack around the planet. This trip deepened both our love for Photography which made us set-up our joint Photography gallery FireFlux and more recently the stock image site CA-Stock.com . That trip has filled me with a huge amount of memories and has been a big visual boost for my art.

I currently work as a freelancing contractor for various creative studios and in my spare time I work on a joined project with my partner and I do commissions for companies and private clients too. Any time left over I love spending hiking and creating my own artworks and hand crafted designs that I sell on the site Etsy.



Arcen Games LLC
KAGE Productions
Reliquary Game Studios
estudio Singapore
CBRNe world


These are some of the games that I’ve done artwork for.

Starward Rogue
Bionic Dues
Skyward Collapse
A Valley Without Wind 2
The Last Federation
Clockwork Dominion


2017, January – Front cover design and interior in depth interview for “Digital Art Live magazine”
2016, August – Front cover design for “CBRNe” magazine.
2014, August – Fanart “Stargazing at the world root” published in Daniel Lieskes “Wormworld Saga Vol 1”
2013, August – Front cover of “Elements – Fire” for “Canonfire! Chronicles” digital magazine
2013, July – FX-posé article on CD for “ImagineFX” magazine issue 97 featuring “The Journal”, “Elf Forest” and “Docking Station Alpha”
2012, January – Interview article for Der Bildbearbeiter magazine (former Advanced Photoshop, Germany Edition)
2011, October – “Elements – Fire” was featured in the Artbook “Machines and Magic” by Craig Musselman
2011, September – Advanced Photoshop magazine issue 87 featured “The Journal”
2011, January – Interview article for the digital magazine “Innovated design”
2010, October – “Freedom” was featured in Advanced Photoshop – The Premium Collection Vol.5
2010, September – “Freedom” was featured in Advanced Photoshop issue 73


2015, December – Daily Deviation award for “Raven” at deviantART
2014, August – Daily Deviation award for “The Golden Room” at deviantART
2013, October – Daily Deviation award for “Art Nouveau Tutorial” at deviantART
2013, April – Image of the Day award for “The Journal” at ImagineFX
2012, January – Second place in the Fotolia/devianART Seven Sins contest with “Lust”
2011, July – Daily Deviation award for “Eder Terehn” at deviantART
2011, July – Editors choice award for “Elements – Wind” at Advanced Photoshop
2011, May – Editors choice award for “Stone castle archipelago” at Advanced Photoshop
2010, November – Daily Deviation award for “Elements – Fire” at deviantART
2009, September – Daily Deviation award for “The Forgotten” at deviantART
2008, August – Daily Deviation award for “Moon Shield” at deviantART